Orbis allows any organization to create and deploy global services thanks to AI-powered satellite Earth observation.

 Enabling Global Services from Space.

Orbis allows any organization to create and deploy global life observation services thanks to AI-powered satellite and aerial Earth observation.


Why Orbis?

The satellite imagery boom

The number of quality satellite imagery sources is increasing at an exponential pace, and the global fleet in orbit is currently doubling every two years. With the latest generations of very-high-resolution Earth observation satellites, we can already observe objects as small as a few dozen centimeters from space. Soon, we will be able to observe most human and natural activities, everywhere, every day.

AI is the only option

Satellite imagery produces images at the scale of the planet: the equivalent of two billion photographs a day, one billion pixels each. This is far beyond the capacities of the human eye, even expert. Thanks to the recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, computer vision algorithms allow us to analyse satellite images a thousand times faster than humans. From object identification, land use classification, wildlife tracking, to predicting deforestation or poverty zones, we can now predict changes on the planet and impact on life on a daily basis.

From global data to global services

For the last decades, the meteorologic industry has proven the capability to provide global monitoring and prediction services anywhere in the world, at any time. The time has come for the combination of massive Earth observation data and powerful AI algorithms to deliver global services in all major industries, allowing billions of people to see, understand, and anticipate the world's dynamics like never before.

Our approach

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Access quality data

Orbis is designed to open satellite imagery processing beyond the satellite data experts. With its seamless interface, no prior training is needed. 

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Build, train and run AI

Orbis provides you with an infrastructure to build, train and run your own or existing algorithms, and focus on the feasibility and demonstration of your approach, while we handle the rest.

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Publish Global Services

Orbis helps you design, validate and publish new applications and make your insights accessible to the people who need it the most.


Global service cases


Emergency management


For the last two decades, natural catastrophes have killed more than six hundred thousand people. When a disaster happens, time works against emergency management organizations, and operation planning is as crucial as it is difficult.

AI opportunity

Most natural disasters and other catastrophes - floods, forest fires, earthquakes etc. - affect large areas and can be easily identified as soon as they happen, monitored and predicted by AI algorithms applied on Earth observation data. 

Global service

Imagine a fully automated emergency management dashboard, available to all countries and organizations, providing information at global scale on events putting humans lives at risk, enabling them to focus on life-saving operations.





Today, information about production and processing of the world’s most traded resources and commodities isn’t readily available to use.

AI opportunity

A lot of those assets and most activities can now be observed with good accuracy from space thanks to AI, allowing anybody to make quantitative analysis at global scale, based on ground-truth.

Global service

Imagine a global dashboard providing financial organizations and individuals with the capability to access financial data and predictions about most traded assets without any human-bias.




A majority of people in the world are not insured for their vital activity, while they are threatened to lose it. In Africa alone, less than two percent of farmers are insured for their crops while they depend exclusively on it for food and income.

AI opportunity

The ability of AI algorithms to find correlations and make predictions in a complex environment, observable from space, is a huge opportunity for insurance companies to quantify and mitigate risks.

Global service

Imagine a worldwide risk-prediction and claim assessment service, covering a whole variety of life-sustaining activities, allowing insurance companies to provide micro-insurance anywhere in the world, protecting families and businesses all around the globe from unexpected calamities in almost real time.